Dalton The Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant named Dalton, helps the users navigate through the Digiton platform and teaches them about Digital Transformation.
The user and assistant communicate with each other in a dialogue-based flow.

Why a virtual assistant?

My idea is based on the target audience for the Digitons. 

The majority of the users are not familiar with computers, tablets and mobile devices, so the experience on the Digiton should be simple and intuitive. Instead of just having a screen with information, I want the Digiton to have a more personal feeling. With a virtual assistant, users are able to associate a name and a face with the platform.

Main Inspiration: John Dalton

Besides using the LANXESS branding identity as much as possible, the visual style of my Digiton concept is also based on chemistry.

My main inspiration is John Dalton, one of the most famous chemists in science history, and his atom theory. The atom theory explains all matter is composed of smaller particles, called atoms. These atoms can be found in the look of the virtual assistant and as graphical elements throughout the platform.

“Dalton” as the name of the virtual assistant has two advantages:

  1. It’s a reference to John Dalton
  2. It’s easy to remember and to pronounce for the target users