Week 01

18/09/2018 – 25/09/2018
Debriefing – Persona – Research


I received the briefing of the Lanxess assignment on tuesday 18th of September.
In order to understand the project better, I made a mindmap about the company and the meaning of Digital Transformation.

One of the requirements of the assignment is to design my concept in Lanxess’ corporate branding style. 
As a first exercise, I’ve tried to emulate this in my mindmap based on the Lanxess style guide.

Lab Session 25/09

As part of the debriefing, I discussed the assignment with four other students and made a debrief document, during our CME5 lab session on 25th of September.

My group: 
Suzanne Akgun
Nick Pihay
Floor Van Hasselt
Sander van den Akker


The assignment will be heavily focused on the employees (shift workers) who have limited time and acces to
LANXESS’ communication tools.

Examples of shift workers at LANXESS are Process Operators.  I have found some background information
about the job title:

My persona is based on this information and the assignment’s briefing.

Research: Existing Technology