Week 02

25/09/2018 – 02/10/2018
Research – Concepts

Research: Existing Technology (Week 01)

During Week 01, I’ve looked up some videos about existing touch screen experiences.


"Gamification is the application of game theory concepts and techniques to non-game activities. Game theory is a branch of mathematics that seeks to understand why an individual makes a particular decision and how the decisions made by one individual affect others. Generally speaking, the overreaching goal of gamification is to engage the participant with an activity he finds fun in order to influence his behavior. In marketing, a gamification initiative might address the cognitive and emotional aspects of game theory as well as the social ones by including a system of rules for participants to explore through active experimentation and discovery, awarding points or badges for levels of participation, displaying leaderboard scores to encourage competition and offering prizes so that participants have a chance to win something of value."


Based on my research and what I already know about LANXESS, I made a first brainstorm for possible concept ideas.

Lab Session 02/10

We played an ideation card game based on the three W’s: why, who and what. The game stimulates you to think of creative ideas with
a given set of cards. What makes the game interesting, is that you also have to work with certain limitations, for example: your product needs to work in the dark.

I really like this game and would like to try the same principle in order to create concepts for LANXESS.

My group:
Ellen Brage
Jonathan Labiche
Sander van den Akker
Febe Verhaert