Week 04

09/10/18 – 16/10/2018
Theoretical lesson

Designing user experiences for touch screens

On Tuesday 16th of October, I followed our theoretical lesson about UX for touch screen devices.
Important things I’ve remembered are written below.

Provide feedback
Give immediate feedback for each action of the user.

The amount of errors should be minimal.
But mistakes from the user’s end can always happen. Let the design be forgiving and give the user the possibility to reverse their actions. 

Create a consistent flow in the design so the learning curve is as low as possible.
For example: tap once to open something –> keep this the same throughout the whole experience!

Provide help and hints
If you use certain mechanics or gestures that are not straightforward, give hints to the user!

Consider size, spacing, placement,… for your content like text, buttons, images,…
Also think about the placement of the hand and keep the screen size and the user’s posture in mind!